G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. provides several different services to assist it's customers.  We provide services from Quartz Repair, Silicon Scrap buy program, along with a new service offered which is supplies all clean room consumables, ie; clean room garments, gloves, booties, etc.  We also have a parts program, where if you have a piece of equipment that uses consumable parts and they are no longer supplying these parts or you would just like a competitive bid we can help you.

Because of the engineering expertise of G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. we are in most cases able to work on other manufacturers equipment.  We will take an old piece of equipment that is most likely collecting dust and quote completely reworking, refinishing, rewiring, reengineering to tool to be in "Like New" Condition!  Sometimes it's more feasible dollar wise to refurbish a piece of equipment rather than purchase a new one.  We are more verse in Mactronix equipment than any other, however are capabilities can go much further than that.  All of our refurbish work comes with a 1 year parts & labor warranty.
We provide pick up and delivery of quartz parts; ranging from Quartz Tubes, Bell Jars, Chambers and more.

Why Choose us?
Not only can we clean your parts, but we can handle the repair or your quartz parts as well.  If the part is un-repairable then we can give you a quotation to replace the part too.  We partnered together with CGI to provide top quality new quartz along with repairs.

At G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, our cleaning processes are performed utilizing various methods, depending on the type and amount of contamination on the parts and the required level of cleanliness needed for a particular type of service.  Parts requiring to meet the most stringent cleanliness criteria are cleaned in our environmentally controlled clean-room.  High purity solvents and solutions are synergized with various types of cleaning processes such as ultra-sonic and jet spray to achieve the desired level of cleanliness.  These cleanliness levels cannot be obtained without a clean-room.

If you are currently discarding your rejected silicon, please look no further.  G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. will set up your reclaim station, in doing so we provide a stainless steel workstation along with the bins.  We will take care of all pickup along with immediately making payment for the count agreed upon.  We are currently seeking N+ ; N-; P+ High res ; P-;  We will create a proposal along with provide a contract between G2 and yourself to ensure a long term relationship.

We are providing a new service for our customers that includes supplying all clean room consumables;  Clean room smocks & garments, gloves, booties, tacky mats, mops & much more.  Please visit our web section to see the full list of items provided.
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