G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. would like to thank
its many partners it has acquired over the past several
years.  We do realize that it has been you which has
helped us stay so successful.  We hope to continue
our valued friendships and reciprocate in any way


We have placed a partners link page here for our customers to check out.  If you have any questions about the products and or services these companies provide, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.  partners@g2automatedtechnologies.com


G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. is always seeking out new partnership that have one common goal in mind.  Helping our customers receive the best possible product at the lowest price.  We are a service oriented company with only one thing in mind.  "TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!"  If you feel that your company can help us in that manner, please contact us directly to see how you can become a partner for the future.


See Below For A Full Listing Of Our Partners:

CGI is a manufacturer of all typed of quartz products mainly serving the Semiconductor Industries.  CGI was founded by Royce Carter and later purchased by his son Rocky Carter.  CGI's current CEO is Mark Lowe formerly plant manger of Quartz International.  CGI is a GE distributor and there quality is un-matched in our industry.  CGI is the recommended source of quartz for G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. and it's customers.

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. has partnered together with SAE to handle it's ASIA service and sales.  SAE Tech has been a helpful asset to G2 Automated Technologies, LLC.  

Tailwinds, Inc.
In global high tech industries, manufacturers are challenged to stay at the forefront of technical innovation, yet manage intricate supply chains and hold down costs to remain competitive. Suppliers with good products and innovative ideas often don’t have the resources to expand their market reach in crowded and increasingly global markets.

Tailwinds was formed in 2015 by several executives with extensive backgrounds in semiconductors and other complex, high technology industries who believe that there are more effective ways to manage the buy-sell-support cycles in these industries. Tailwinds is an innovator of advanced value chain solutions for both manufacturers and suppliers in microelectronics, medical, solar cell and flat panel display industries. We offer a flexible, efficient and cost effective channel for buying and selling manufacturing goods and services, and feature a powerful e-commerce platform to deliver always-on global reach, breadth and speed.

InVac Systems
InVac Systems, Inc., with over 23 years of experience, is the leading supplier of vacuum flange assemblies for Atmospheric and Low Pressure furnace applications in the semiconductor industry. As the leading supplier of vacuum flange assemblies, InVac Systems, Inc. also, aims to supply its customers with new furnace related products, including quartz and all peripheral and support equipment. Our reputation for superior customer service and quality vacuum products at competitive prices is what your company requires and what InVac Systems, Inc. will provide.


nnovative Silicon Systems (iSiS) was founded in 2000   to   provide consulting in reactor design and processes to the semiconductor industry, and to develop and market innovative productivity enhancement tools and products. Dr. David W. Benzing, President of innovative Silicon Systems, has been a recognized expert in semiconductor equipment development for over 20 years.   He has been involved in the revolution of equipment developed by such key suppliers as Applied Materials, Lam Research, Novellus, and many more. innovative Silicon Systems' reputation for superior customer service and quality products at competitive prices is what your company demands and what we deliver.  

International Silicon Solutions, Inc.
ISS customizes the process for each customer’s wafers. After the engineering evaluation phase has been completed for new customers or new groups of material received from existing customers, a device name with a specific flow is assigned to the customer. This device name tells manufacturing exactly how to process this material. When ISS receives material to process it is sorted into two categories of Recycle or Reclaim and assigned to the customer device. The criteria for sorting to these two categories are based on several characteristics such as film type, backside and front side damage, etc. Sorting into these categories and assigning customer specific device names assures the customer will get the most usage from their material and assures it is processed correctly every time.